I’ve been asked this question a lot lately, so I’ll post the details here, and who knows? Eventually this page might turn into a full blown sales and ordering page.

For the time being, it’ll just be a listing of services I provide. If any of these tickle your fancy, shoot me a note (cdhartpence @ hotmail).

My IM Service Offerings have evolved into the following:

Article Marketing – You provide the spun article(s)
There are two popular syndication services I use in tandem for the major marketing push. This is what I use to market my own sites. Pricing is based on volume, depending on the size of the order my clients give me:
1-19 articles: $5 per
20-29 articles: $4 per
30+ articles: $3 per

Plus the possibility of adding:
PR Booster: Hand submission to five selected high PR article directories (add for $2 per article)
Volume Booster: Serp Assist Booster (add for $2 per article)
Social Module: Flat fee of $10 per page to be added

Hand in hand with this, if you’re looking for someone to manage your EZAL account and coordinate scheduling so you don’t have links hitting all at once, I do that too.

Spinning was formerly done at the EZAL rate of $3 per article – as of October 1, 2012, the spinning service has been discontinued.

Articles for Marketing (lightly researched, written from scratch) 1.5 cents a word (300-450 words)
Web Content (well researched) 3 cents a word (500-750 words)
White Papers (extensively researched) custom length, can’t estimate cost till I know more about the project

Keyword Research
I’ll find you a good Adsense niche with 3-5 keywords, all researched, domain research done, and full documentation. $25

Basic Site Build and On-Page Optimizations
WP Install, theme set up, suite of plugins I use on my own site installed, your content put in place, google TOS page and sitemaps for $75. If you want something custom, we can talk about that too.

Product Development Assistance
Contract only – case by case basis

Done via Skype $20 per hour

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